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Repairs for all types of guitars, bass, ukuleles and mandolins

For any repair (broken head, regluing bridge, refret...) or modification or restauration of instruments, please contact me to know my competitves rates.

Standard adjustment:

- Adjusting the string height (Nut and saddle)

- Hydration of the bridge and the fingerboard

- Oiling tuners (clefs)

- Oiling pots (electric guitar)

- Truss rod adjustments

- Adjustment of the pickups height

-  Polishing frets

- Adjustment of the harmonics (electric guitar only)

- Guitar cleaning

- Changing strings (strings not included, bring your strings if possible)

               Price: 85 $CA


Deluxe adjustment:

- All the same criteria as the standard adjustments but includes leveling of all the frets

            Price: 165 $CA


* Add an extra 30 $ on adjustment on 12 strings guitars and guitars where the trussrod is in the neck cavity (mostly on old Fender guitars).

Add 50 $ for guitars with a floyd rose *



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