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My passion for the guitar began more than fifteen years ago. I was always attracted by the forms and the personality that a guitar can have.

Having completed three years of study in the workshop Bruand and ending it with an excelent distinction, I decided to start this facinating job with all my possible vigour.


My guitars are designed with an extreme accuracy and a sharpened acoustic sense. They distinguishes themselves by the balance of the notes between the strings, the length of the handle and a remarkable projection. Moreover, the use of shellac (French polish) is a prolonged and skilful technique that allows the instrument to vibrate at its full potential.

It is in these multiple small details that the connoisseur will recognize the value of guitars Migneault.

My travels around the world (South and Central America, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe) have inspired me and brought me a lot of highly useful ideas for the lutherie.Whether at the level of shapes, sounds and colors, I think these travel experiences are as helpful to me as all my years of study.

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